Dress Code

In common with all games, there is an accepted form of clothing while playing the game of golf, and all golfers in Lucan are required to wear appropriate golfing clothing and footwear. 

Lucan Golf Club Dress Code

Golf footwear must be worn on all parts of the course including the practice areas and practice putting greens. Denim jeans and jackets, track suits, shorts (other than tailored shorts with appropriate socks), sweaters without shirts, singlets, vests, collarless shirts and football shirts or shorts are inappropriate and are not allowed. Each player must be in possession of a golf bag and clubs and must abide by the golfing etiquette regarding safety, consideration for other players and care for the course. This means ensuring that other players are out of range before striking the ball, calling a warning “fore” if a shot should stray in the direction of other players, refraining from unnecessary noise, not delaying play, replacing divots and repairing pitchmarks. The use of mobile phones on the course is absolutely forbidden. Practice is restricted to the practice putting greens and practice areas.

Our club house is relaxed – smart casual dress is the order of the day, but obviously golf footwear is not allowed, apart from the changing and locker rooms. Foul or abusive language anywhere is unacceptable and may lead to sanctions. The use of mobile phones is allowed. However, phone conversations should not be loud or extensive.

Members’ and guests’ children are welcome in the clubhouse in the daytime. For reasons of safety they must remain under the supervision of an adult at all times and are not allowed on balconies. Non-golfing children are not allowed on any part of the golf course.

Course Status

Course Open – All holes open apart from new holes 11-13 due to maintenance. No buggy’s allowed.