Lucan Junior Golf Academy is a complete programme designed to provide a learning encounter with the game of golf; not only making it an experience that children can look back on as a memorable and enjoyable time in their childhood, but also teaching them the skills to be able to play the game for the rest of their lives. 

Junior Academy

Our objective is to provide an opportunity, for any Junior golfer interested in learning the game of golf, with the facilities and instructional programmes to maximise their individual talents. We strive to build one of the most enjoyable and informative Junior golf academies in the country.

Lucan Golf Club adheres to Golf Ireland’s Safeguarding for Juniors and Code of Conduct.

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Junior Categories

The following are the different categories* that your child might fit into, along with an outline of what the programme covers. 

  • Focussing on developing the golf swing based on fundamental movement skills,
  • Learning club selection (iron, woods), short game shots,
  • A basic introduction to golf,
  • Fun games covering the grip, how to stand to the ball and general aiming.
  • Progression on the golf swing,
  • Developing shot shaping and distance control,
  • Bringing scoring elements into lessons along with on-course lessons.
  • Focussing on course management,
  • Club selection and strategies on course while developing the golf swing and mental aspect of the game

*These are generalised and children can be moved from different categories, based on ability.

We start each lesson with a golf specific warm up. There are then two aspects covered per session; these will differ each week but will always have a short game and a long game aspect.

Our main aim is to provide a fun and enjoyable atmosphere for all while learning skills for life.

Note that if your child is showing signs that they would benefit from moving up to the next category, we will discuss this with you before they move.

For more information and to book, please email proshop@lucangolf.ie and include the name and age of your child. All coaching sessions will be done by Jim our PGA Professional or his PGA Assistant Professional.

Course Status

Course Open – All holes open apart from new holes 11-13 due to maintenance. No buggy’s allowed.